President ICAP

To soften the pain in the world is my mission in life, it is the main reason why I became a psychotraumatologist and the motivation for setting up the ICAP. I feel with all my heart that in our lives mental health issues need to be recognized and addressed and I, for one, want to contribute to that.

The driving force behind the ICAP is Belgian psychotraumatologist Ybe Casteleyn, owner of Traumatour and author of The Healing Power of Pain.

Ybe has a masters degree in philosophy; she studied integrative psychotherapy and was trained as a family mediator and specialized in constellation work and psychotraumatology.

Ybe is a Member of the Board of the Belgian Institute for Psychotraumatology (BIP), Member of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS) and has an ECP accreditation (European Certificate Psychotherapy).

She is responsible for the post-graduate psychotraumatology course organised at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and supervisor of and lecturer in this training. Ybe is specialized in acute trauma and crisis intervention. Besides that, she gives workshops, trainings and continuous education sessions in public and private organizations.

Contact ybe@conferencesforpsychology.com


Director Operations ICAP

“Although it is in my character to ‘look at the bigger picture’, attention for detail is vital! There is actually no bigger reward then when people come up to you afterwards and tell you how smoothly it all went. But let me assure you, as every event organizor can tell you, ‘behind the curtains’ there is always a lot of stress 🙂 – the trick is not to let that show!”

Okke is the owner of Ashbourne Business Consultancy, his core business is consultancy, event organisation and interim management.

Okke organized his first main event back in 1994: a sports meeting, with over 2500 participants from all over the country, spread out over 3 days, 10 locations, involving transportation of the participants, catering and overnight stays. Since then Okke has organized conferences and events for from a few hundred to a few thousand people.

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Photo's by Ilya de Milde IDM Photography